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Why choose Milton Friedman University?

Milton Friedman University is a privately-owned University of Applied Sciences in Budapest, Hungary, the regional hub of Central-Eastern Europe and considered to be one of the most exciting cities of Europe. Milton is clearly an institution in motion. The momentum that began when it was originally established in 2000 as a privately-held college whose accredited programs were established based on market needs, continues with the purchase by the current maintainers in early 2017 and is progressively building.


Focused on the Needs of the Labor Market

With the support of the European Union under the aegis of their commitment to “lifelong learning”, our institution has developed its program offerings in four disciplines – humanities, economics, informatics and social sciences – in 2 higher education vocational programs, 10 undergraduate programs and 5 master programs, as well as further specializations at the post-graduate level.

 Progressive program content and delivery modes are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of our students of all ages. Due to its size and privately-held status, the university is able to react quickly so that leading-edge courses meeting the needs of the domestic and international marketplace can be launched in a timely manner. A few of our innovative new programs include:


Personal Touch in Learning and in International Relations

  •  Our Mentoring Program is not only for first year students.
  • The Career Office provides extensive psychological support to students of the University through individual counseling and group trainings.
  • Student administration functions can be handled on-line, thereby avoiding long queues.
  • Thanks to the practical nature of our teaching, more than 90% of our students find employment within 3 months of graduating. 
  • The importance of a community spirit plays a significant role in both the professional and leisure aspects of the life of Milton students. Through conferences, workshops and professional presentations, they have the opportunity to network and to develop professional contacts with instructors and members of the business world.
  • In our professional events, we work together with opinion-forming and system-forming public figures to create a knowledge community that simultaneously provides the innovations of science, the marketplace, the state and higher education. 

Innovative Environment

Our tailor-made trainings and courses based on competency surveys, encompass the areas of personal development, conflict management, communications, negotiation skills and career issues.


The Vision of a Digital University

 Our vision is based on four dimensions: man, device, methodology, and content. The components of the human dimension are the students, instructors and administrative staff.

One of the important tools of communication in the future can be the use of chatbots, which can be used to answer more complex student questions through e-learning. Finally, the content dimension includes electronic notes, but primarily the development of e-learning materials based on micro-content.


A Generational University

The Senior Academy of Óbuda was launched in the autumn of 2011. The goal of our institution at that time was to show that Western European trends and tendencies prevail in Hungary: getting more and more people over the age of 50 interested in learning again and to apply for other university courses. In September 2018, the Academy began its 16th semester with a wide variety of free plenary sessions (for participants over 50 years of age) every Thursday from 14:00. In addition, each semester seniors have the opportunity (for a minimal fee) to take courses in a wide range of topics from languages to senior issues, art history, travel and even zumba.