Rector’s welcome

Dear Students and Potential Students!

Milton Friedman University in its newest incarnation, but now in its second decade, has been an important player in Hungarian higher education. Building on the foundations set by King Sigismund University, Milton provides market-oriented, competitive programs that respond to the challenges of the modern age.

Beyond the knowledge and diploma that they will acquire from their alma mater, we believe that our students will gain opportunities and a perspective on life that will allow them to successfully harmonize the triple unity of “learning – working – living”.

The education system at Milton and the courses, provide our students with a solid foundation for life-long learning in order to compete in all life situations with a high level of education and advanced professional skills. This is also supported by the cohesive community of our university, which accompanies us throughout our lives and encourages our continuous learning.

Our students are provided with practical, immediately applicable knowledge in addition to theoretical education, so that they can quickly prevail in today’s modern workforce. Since many of our students are learning alongside their daily work, we have tailored our correspondence and specialized program schedules to accommodate their part-time requirements as part of their university life.

We are continuously developing our institution so that everyone will be able to find their perfect program and in this way, the members of the Milton community will continue to grow into the future.

Dr. Krisztina Schottner