Practical Information


Compared to Western Europe, Hungary is still a very affordable place to study regarding both tuition and living costs and many students can live comfortably from the scholarship funding they receive.

Budapest’s Cost of Living rank is 269th out of 444 cities in the world, so while it is no longer as inexpensive as it once was, it still has an excellent price-value ratio. Rent prices for example, are 30% less than neighbor city Prague and 47% less than in Vienna.



Most International students who don’t live in dormitories or in other on-campus student housing, generally rent a flat or share a rental flat or even rent a single room in someone else’s apartment or in an inexpensive hotel or pension. Our International office makes every reasonable effore to provide assistance in finding suitable housing. We recommend that students first find some temporary accommodation (such as a hostel) for the first few days/weeks while they look for more permanent living arrangements.

Please note that if you are renting an apartment, you should keep in mind that you may need up to two  month’s worth of rent ready in cash when signing the contract. This acts as a deposit and should be returned to you when you move out provided that you have left the flat in good shape.

The following is a brief list of hotels close (within 1,5 km) to Milton Friedman University.




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Apartments/Roommates in Budapest

Flats for Erasmus in Budapest