About the Hungarian Unified Jewish Congregation (EMIH)

 The maintainer of Milton Friedman University is the Hungarian Unified Jewish Congregation, one of the three officially registered Jewish congregations in Hungary. EMIH represents both an adherence to tradition, while at the same time, an inherent openness to the world. As the Hungarian representative of the International Chabad Movement, their main mission is to ensure that all members of the Jewish community have the opportunity to live their identity- positively and freely.

 As a part of this movement, they also consider it vitally important that the Jewish community should not just operate within its own inner circle through its synagogues and institutions, but rather it should become socially responsible as an organic member of society at large. Thus, EMIH is also involved in general social, educational and charitable activities.

 The primary objective of EMIH is to strengthen the universal values for the benefit of all mankind, irrespective of their religious affiliation. Through Milton Friedman University, EMIH would like to contribute to providing competitive knowledge through the values of freedom and social responsibility to those students who, as members of the future generation, will have the ability to do much for the prosperity, security and development of Hungary and the global community.

 EMIH, as a registered ecclesiastical entity, is entitled to the proffered 1% of a citizen’s personal income tax. Please quote the technical number- 1287.