English Courses


Fair Trade and Sustainable Development VE-GMT012 4 credits
Principles of Marketing VE-GMT007 4 credits
Intermediate accounting: management accounting (e- learning) VE-PSZT006 4 credits
International Bank Study VE-PSZT004 6 credits
Financial arithmetic VE-PSZT005 6 credits
Current Themes in Human Resources Management VE-HMT001 6 credits
Introduction to Business Informatics VE-MIT002 6 credits
World Politics VE-NPT017 4 credits
Presidential election in France: following the campaign VE-NPT025-N 4 credits
Environmental Sustainability VE-NPT021 4 credits
English VE-NPT001 4 credits
New Media Theory and Practice VE-KMT008 4 credits
Urban Sociology VE-NPT018 4 credits



History of Globalization VE-GMT001 4 credits
Introductions to Economics VE-GMT002 4 credits
International Business Management VE-GMT004 4 credits
Applied Business Strategy  (e-course) VE-GMT005 4 credits
Organizational behaviour VE-GMT006 4 credits
Statistics I. VE-MIT001 4 credits
Accounting basics  (e-course) VE-PSZT001 4 credits
Management Tools & Practice (e-course) VE-GMT011 4 credits
Startup Course – from idea to realization and implementation VE-HMT002-N 6 credits
Geopolitics VE-NPT004 4 credits
Ecology and environmental studies VE-NPT012 4 credits
Social Sciences VE-NPT022 4 credits
English VE-NPT001 4 credits
Crisis Communications VE-KMT002 4 credits
The politics of Game of Thrones VE-NPT024-N 4 credits
Equal Opportunities and Society VE-NPT009 4 credits
Gender Issues in the Media VE-KMT003 4 credits
Political radicalism VE-NPT008 4 credits
History of Communication VE-KMT004 4 credits