Milton Friedman Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration

Milton Friedman Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration

The aim of the Doctoral School is to develop high quality human resources in the field of management and business administration, combining theoretical and practical experience, and coordinating the development of economic areas. It is of great importance for the Doctoral School to open up to related disciplines, international economics, general public administration, economic history, rural development, economic sociology, political science and an integrated approach to these disciplines. Thanks to its existing international network of contacts and its regular members abroad, the Doctoral School aims to play an integrating, “linking” role in both academic life and the international arena (with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe), and to integrate the various good practices in doctoral training and to incorporate relevant elements into the training structure and research directions.

 The School’s mission is to make Hungarian science more widely recognised in Hungary and abroad by committed researchers with a PhD degree. We desire to see that after the completion of the School, the studies and publications produced will enrich the Hungarian and international literature and that its graduates will be worthy successors of the excellence of the profession.

 The quality of the operation is guaranteed by the professional content of the training and by the scientific workshops established around the professors involved in the international research circuit. Our institution is a university of applied sciences, which, in addition to analysing classical theoretical and scientific issues, also emphasizes the practical application of research findings. This is closely aligned with the objectives of ERA and the current Institutional Development Plan of the University.

Based on international and national experience to date, it can be concluded that a revised, interactive, innovative, smart economic/social development, based on endogenous resources, is able to provide new impulses to actors in the target areas, where:

  • growth can be triggered by rethinking natural, environmental, economic and human assets;
  • the wealth, generated by the new jobs created in smart economic directions, is able to generate higher disposable income in the area concerned, thus reducing the risk of social crisis (emigration, ageing population) and economic and infrastructural decline;
  • such economic and social development paths may occur that are capable of attracting, mobilising and exploiting external resources, building on internal resources.

With the integration of these factors and the growing participation of the population, specific community development can be initiated which is able to generate untapped social resources.

 In pursuing the above objectives, the mission of the School is to train interdisciplinary professionals in theoretical and practical research who will be able to adapt and develop the latest scientific findings in management and business administration sciences, to achieve scientific integration in national and international academic life, and to successfully position themselves in national and international contexts.



Prof. Dr. Tamás Tóth

Professor, Head of Doctoral School

Dr. habil. István Grajczjár, PhD

Head of department, Professor, Habilitated Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Henrietta Nagy

Professor, Secretary of Doctoral School

Dr. habil. Annamária Artner

College Professor, Scientific Advisor


Dr. Krisztina Schottner, PhD

Rector, Associate Professor

Dr. Péter Szatmári

Vice Rector for General and Public Relations, Associate Professor

Dr. János Hárskuti

Head of Department of Economics, Associate Professor

Dr. Vid Sebestyén Honfi

Head of Department, College Professor

Dr. Piroska Szegediné Lengyel

Head of Department, College Professor



  • 2022. December 02.
  • 2023. March 03.

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