Department of International and Political Studies

Department of International and Political Studies

All our instructors are committed to introduce students to the phenomena of national and international politics and historical models of development, as well as their motivations, analytical frameworks, and methods.  With the help of acknowledged scientists, instructors, and experts, our students attain high-level theoretical and practical knowledge, which gives them a significant competitive advantage in the labour market.

During their studies, with the guidance of instructors, students analyze the national and international, social and political relationships in addition to the criteria of sustainable development; since, in today’s globalizing world, foreign language skills, an ethical approach to acquiring complex knowledge, an interdisciplinary focus, and practical skills are all inevitable. To that end, we wish to provide our students with methods of scientific approach which help them discover political, economic, and social connections. Their complex interpretation and analyses of these phenomena will allow them to develop key skills which are sought after in employees.

Multilingualism is essential in most of the degree programs. According to the employer needs analyses, besides knowledge of world languages, the command of at least one additional language is expected.

In our department, students learn not only a language, but also the cultural, social, political, and economic conditions of the countries using the given language. We also provide the opportunity to study abroad within the framework of the Erasmus program. Our students can spend one or two semesters in a chosen country, which can be regarded as a first step toward an international career.

The department is responsible for the BA and MA courses of International Studies, Political Studies, and Sociology Studies. The department is also responsible for arranging the language courses, including the basic languages of diplomacy. In tune with the requirements of the labour market, the department offers education in English as well.



Dr. habil. István Grajczjár, PhD

Head of Department

Brigitta Herczeg 
Department Secretary

“B” building, I. floor, room 110
Telephone: 06 1 454 7600 / extension 148