Department of Human Resources and Management

Department of Human Resources and Management

The HRM Department prepares students to become strategic HR partner in the managements of the organizations by finding, recruiting, managing, motivating, training and developing the most valuable organizational resource- the human resource.

Faculties in the Department of Human Resources and Management are leading HR practitioners with extensive industry and teaching experience.

Education and labor market opportunities have changed significantly over the last few years. Companies are beeing transformed into knowledge-based communities. Digitalization of workflows and processes together with the fast changes in the labor market requires not only solid theoretical knowledge but new, modern  technology driven practical approaches as well.

Our faculties  provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how people and HR strategy help an organization achieve its goals and objectives.

The curriculum of the BA degree  encompasses HR-related theories and best practices, focusing on the soft and hard skills and all the necessary competencies in HR management and organizational assessment. It also covers coaching and leadership development, people analytics and HR controlling. Motivation theories, best practices of compensation and benefits are also included in the curriculum, but HRM department puts stress on employees’ well being theories, together with change management  and agile HR management studies in the VUCA world.

Our education program in Human Resource Management gives insight into changes of  the workplace, highlighting future trends of digitalization and  the role of the AI.  We strive to prepare  the workforce leaders of the future for the new challenges in the job market and in the labor relations too.

Nevertheless our students receive thorough macro and microeconomic, social, legal, and psychological courses. They will learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge of human and organizational behavior, labor relations, business economics and current laws and regulations to create a working environment that is safe, fair, but competitive.

They will also study digital HR strategies including top trends in future digital workplace, next generation of jobs, the  impacts of automation and AI, primary competences of leadership in VUCA and  how to create full cycle employee experience.

We also are here to help students develop individual career paths, and we provide assistance in their preparations for job applications. We offer and support our students’s participations in international exchange of study abroad programs.

The HRM Department is responsible for the undergraduate degree (BA) in Human Resources and also manages the dual training and English language programs.


Dr. Tamás Tóth
Head of Department

Melinda Vilman

Department Secretary

“B” building, I. floor, room 110
Telephone: 06 1 454 7600/ extension 190