Department of Finance and Accounting

Department of Finance and Accounting

The undergraduate degree program of Finance and Accounting, under the supervision of the Department, is characterized by its versatility and its emphasis on practical training. The aim of the program is the training of business professionals with theoretically-based practical knowledge, skills and abilities, who are capable of managing the financial/accounting tasks of businesses, financial and budgetary institutions and who will be able to develop the accounting policies and procedures for businesses and other organizations and who possess a high level of financial/accounting IT skills in order to successfully develop, operate, analyze, evaluate, and control cost management systems.


The main task of all specializations of  the Finance and Accounting program is to prepare students to enter the labor market, therefore we involve company managers, credit institution specialists and bank managers in the training of many of our courses. Personal meetings with company executives, acquired practical knowledge, insight into the financial/accounting workflows of organizations all bring students closer to the real world, thereby sgnificantly increasing their adaptability to all different life situations.


Specializations place students at the forefront of working in an international environment, so the International Tax Course (focusing on the European Union’s current tax rules, double and multiple taxation…) will be taught in all specializations. A major subject for all specializations is Financial Accounting Informatics, which introduces students to  the accounting and financial information systems that support business management functions and their operation in practice. The knowledge gained in these courses is a sound foundation for success in the business world.


The methods used in the learning process – case studies, cooperative learning and the project method –all serve to improve the skills expected by employers: the ability to communicate effectively and the ability to cooperate and collaborate. Students become more open, cooperative, creative and determined- skills that are essential in today’s labor market.


The Department offers all subjects related to finance and accounting. The Department is responsible for the undergraduate degrees in finance and accounting and also manages the dual training and English language programs.

Dr. Piroska Szegediné Lengyel 
Head of Department


Department Secretary

“B” building, I. floor, room 110
Telephone: 0614547600 / extension 190