Department of Communication and Cultural Studies

Department of Communication and Cultural Studies

The mission of the Department of Communication and Cultural Sciences is to train professionals to meet the real needs of the labor market through our  well-prepared, scientifically and industry-trained instructors. Thus, the graduates of communications, media and andragogy in our department will have immediately applicable, practical knowledge.

This means that irrespective of the level of training, students will have the opportunity to acquire the most recent and most useful knowledge in their given field of study from highly qualified and industry-experienced university instructors.

Recognized linguists, andragogues and gerontologists, media professionals, renowned researchers in the field of film and media science, business communication professionals, and well-known journalists are all part of our team of educators. The common characteristic of our instructors is the high quality of their professional-scientific activities. During our programs, our colleagues focus on easy-to-understand transfer of marketable knowledge, whether it is rock solid theoretical knowledge or best industry practices.


Our educational and research colleagues take into account the broad social context of their specialized fields as they teach our students so they will have a broad range of knowledge that will enable them to become journalists, TV reporters, communications or adult education professionals, depending on their chosen degree and specialization.

The programs, courses and specializations offered by the Department represent the current needs of today’s labor market and particularly in those sectors where there is a shortage of workers.


The department’s instructors have on-going, excellent relationships with companies and foundations in the public and private sectors, therefore the students, especially in the full-time programs, already have access to potential job opportunities. And even for students already employed, the chance to gain new knowledge and insights into other organizations is an added bonus.


The Department is responsible for the subjects of andragogy, communications, media, film, religion, philosophy, and languages.

The Department is also responsible for andragogy, communication and media science, liberal arts and religion programs.

In accordance with the expectations of the employers, the Department also provides English language training and undertakes applied communication science and gerontandragogical research.

Dr. József Szayly
Head of Department

Viktória Eszter Boros

Department Secretary

“B” building, ground floor, room 15
Telephone: 06 1 454 7600 / extension 108