Department of Business and Marketing

Department of Business and Marketing

Instructors of Business and Economics courses work under the supervision of the Department of Business and Marketing. Regardless of the subject matter, the Department’s objective is to always offer the most appropriate, updated and practical training based on the results reported by the research centers monitoring labor market expectations.


The primary objective when developing an educational structure is to provide students with appropriate information retrieval and processing skills, taking into account the duration of the program and the principles of life-long learning, wherein the individual learns in part at school and the remainder of the time, independently.


The actual theoretical material is supplemented in parallel by practical knowledge, as well as by unique projects and field work, which provides an unquestionable competitive advantage for both fresh graduates and those with years of employment behind them.

Knowledge of good examples, their real-world applications, plant/company visits all help to give our students a realistic picture beyond what is in the theoretical literature, in order to ensure that post-graduation, they will be able to find a job quickly without requiring additional corporate training.


Most of the subjects offered by the Department are inter-disciplinary, which guarantees that students who wish to develop further, will be gaining multiple levels of knowledge. The Department carries out scientific and professional activities in the form of teacher-student co-productions, the results of which are presented at conferences and workshops.


The Department offers subjects related to business, international business, micro- and macroeconomics and in the various areas of marketing. The Department is responsible for the Masters of International Economics and Business degree as well as two undergraduate degrees: Business and Management and International Business. The Department also manages the dual training and English language programs.

Dr. Zoltán Sipos 
Head of Department

Kata Fejes 

Department secretary

“B” building, I. floor, room 110
Telephone: 06 1 454 7600/ extension 190