Academic Calendar

Here you can see the Milton Friedman University’s Academic Calendar year 2024/2025.

2024-2025 – Semester 1st (Fall)

Registration week 2 – 6 September
Fall semester 9th September – 13th December
Teaching break 23rd October and 1st November
Exam period 16th -20th December and 6th -24th January 2025
Winter holiday 23rd December – 3rd January 2025
Note: The courses start on 9th September.


2024-2025 – Semester 2st (Spring)

Registration week  3-7  February 2025
Spring semester  10th February – 23rd May, 2025
Teaching break 1-2 May and 9th June, 2025
Spring holiday 17-22 April 2025
Exam period 26th May – 27th June 2025

Note: The courses start on 10th February.


for the fall semester: 15st June
for the spring semester: 15th November